Winter Moon Rising

Winter Moon Rising
Sharp and Bright, like the Truth

Monday, September 9, 2013

Feeling Country-Songish

Thigh-high in alligators, looking for the boat
Didn't pay attention; please throw me a rope!

Throw me a rope, let me come in
I picked the wrong day to go for a swim
Teeth in my heart, a bump on the chin
Throw me a rope, baby let me come in!

I lost my balance, you pushed me in
Those big ol' tears don't match your grin
You're rolling me now, going under again.
Don't want that rope, you'll hurt me again.

Throw me a rope, baby let me come in
Let me out of the water, I won't swim again
Watching your eyes, there's a noose on the end
I'll chance the water, going under again.

Teeth in my heart and bump on the chin
Keep that rope, never swimming again.

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