Winter Moon Rising

Winter Moon Rising
Sharp and Bright, like the Truth

Thursday, November 24, 2011

How Many?

Today I heard an outrageous statement.  Some researcher or other reported that people process a couple of thousand thoughts a day. At first I though no, that number is too small. Then a little voice said, “No that sounds about right for normal folks who sleep on a regular basis, without a diet coke habit.  That depressed me enough to try giving up the diet coke. (I said TRY!)
And then I depressed myself further when I realized a great deal of the thoughts that I do
have are just the same old ones I have over and over: I need to go on a diet, what should I fix for
dinner, did I take the clothes out of the dryer, the car needs and oil change, and oh, yeah, I need
to go on a diet.
How many of my thoughts are actually something more than a chore list, a nag list, a future list
of lists that I should make in the future? Could I actually have peace of mind (just a small piece,
please, I’m not that hungry) if I just went ahead and did some of the things  that my brain thinks
up for me to do, or would it just make up more?
Thinking about all this stuff is giving me a head ache! I need a diet coke.


  1. I hear ya' on Diet Coke addiction. I can go a couple of days without one, but there is nothing like Diet Coke to make a day better...cold and refreshing with just the right kick. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Wow! How did you get into my wife's head? Switch to caffeine free. ;-)

  3. Cute!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog today.